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Welcome to Parents for Safe Schools.


We are citizens working to let voters have their say on ESSB 5395 – the state-mandated, K-12 sex education bill recently passed by the Legislature.


As parents we have a responsibility to protect our children from inappropriate, ideology-based curriculum.  This bill was passed late in the session with very little opportunity for ordinary citizens to testify and no amendments accepted. Parents and their local school boards deserve a voice in controversial curriculum decisions. And many school districts cannot afford an expensive, unfunded mandate.


We need 129,811 valid voter signatures

to qualify this measure, so we need

YOUR help today.


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Thank you.

ESSB 5395 is a bad law that ignores the needs of both kids and parents.


  • Mandates graphic sex education starting in elementary school.


  • Orders school districts to “comprehensively” include sex ed in all curriculum — including math, social studies, science, business and computer classes.


  • Denies parents and local school boards the power to decide what shall be taught.


  • Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will enforce extreme curriculum in every public school in the state.


Keep the Olympia activists out of our classrooms. 

Parents and elected local school boards should be the only people deciding what is taught in our classrooms.

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