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K-12 SEX-ED curriculum

REJECT ref-90!

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Welcome to Parents for Safe Schools.

With your donation, hard work and determination, we collected – in just seven weeks in the middle of a health crisis – a record number of signatures to qualify Ref-90 for the ballot.

Now, we must build a statewide campaign to finish the job and win on November 3rd.


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We cannot win without YOU.  It’s not enough to make history and qualify if we fail at the ballot box.  We only win when we REJECT Ref-90 and stop the new, extreme curriculum!


Vote REJECT Ref-90!


Thank you!

ESSB 5395 is a bad law that ignores the needs of both our kids and parents.


Vote REJECT Ref-90 to repeal it.


  • Reject Referendum 90. Overturn the K-12 comprehensive sex education mandate. Huge numbers of students are failing math, science, and English. Olympia should prioritize improving literacy and helping students graduate, not creating a new mandate.   


  • Reject Referendum 90. Restore local control for parents and local school boards. The new CSE bill means unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, not local communities, will develop statewide sex education standards for all students.


  • Reject Referendum 90. Stop the early sexualization of our kids. Materials to meet the new state standards will include graphic sexual subject matter. These are decisions that should be left to parents and local communities.


  • Reject Referendum 90. A costly mandate at a time when school budgets are being cut. State and local budgets are facing massive deficits which threaten funding for basic programs. 


Keep the Olympia activists out of our classrooms. 

Parents and elected local school boards should be the only people deciding what is taught in our classrooms.

Referendum ballot measures allow citizens the opportunity to vote on the actual bill that was passed by the state legislature. It is the only method available to repeal a bad law after it has passed. Together we placed Ref-90 on the ballot and now voters will be asked to “Approve” or “Reject” the extreme new K-12 Sex Ed Law.


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